Worlds Torn Asunder: A Holocaust Survivor's Memoir of Hope
by Dov Beril Edelstein

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". . . an important personal and historic document."

". . . Gracefully written… a triumph of the human spirit… a universal message."

". . . reads like an apocalyptic Hassidic tale in which the terrible phylogeny of the Jews was acting itself out through the author's personal destiny."

-- Professor Emeritus Michael Kerestesi, Wayne State University

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His parents, grandparents and 2 brothers all died in the holocaust. He survived. His Auschwitz inmate number was A7868. His name is Dov Beril Edelstein. This is his story… of hope.

A stirring and twisting account, this memoir will take the reader on an almost unfathomable journey of physical, emotional and spiritual survival. But World's Torn Asunder is bigger than just an eyewitness account of the holocaust. What makes this memoir special is its unique "jewishness."

Now a retired rabbi, educator and lecturer with a lifetime of experience in the jewish communities of Eastern Europe, Israel and North America, Edelstein masterfully weaves personal memoir into historical context, with a deep appreciation for Jewish lore and tradition.

Readers of all types will glimpse the full richness of Jewish life in Hungary in the years leading up to the war. Jewish faith, customs, community and ethics not only sponsored hope for survivors like Edelstein, these values continue to inspire the forgiveness and tolerance which define the jewish perspective on this still surreal period of history.

Originally published in the US and later in German by Bohlau Verlag Publishing, Worlds Torn Asunder has also been used for over a decade as a text in religion courses like "The Quest for Wholeness" at institutions like Mercer University.

Rabbi Edelstein has shared his inspirational personal story and the book's message of tolerance with thousands of mostly non-Jewish students and church audiences.

Now available in both paperback and on Kindle, the book is enjoying a resurgence and an ever widening readership.